The Rare Disease Foundation is delighted to announce our new Innovative Therapies Program.  This is a program of up to $20,000 grants available to conduct pilot or early stage human clinical trials for any kind of therapy to improve the lives of those with rare diseases.  Therapy types could include: surgical, physical therapy, bibliotherapy, small molecule, biologics and so many more types – check our descriptors on page 3 of the application. The terms are for 2 years with one two year extension possible. As with our microgrants, applications are short, de-identified, reviewed by multiple scientific, medical and lay reviewers and we’ll get you the answer in 30 business days or less!  Up to 4 grants are available this round.  Proposals are due February 14, 2020.


  1. Title
  2. Lay language summary (2,000 characters including spaces)
  3. Scientific summary (2,800 characters including spaces) – Background, hypothesis, Methods or Plan, Budget justification)
  4. References
  5. Upload of up to two images
  6. Discuss how you will structure your intervention to increase the likelihood of a true positive result (900 characters including spaces)
  7. Discuss patient safety issues (2000 characters including spaces)

Applications will be reviewed for their innovativeness, potential impact on care, quality of trial design, and for their adherence to the priorities of patients and their families. Successful applicants are expected to provide a lay language summary describing their results upon project completion and describe how their work improved patient care. Funded projects are expected to lead to dissemination of results through publication, meeting presentations, and/or generate preliminary data for larger studies directed at improving patient care. We request that any publications containing data supported by this program acknowledge the support of the Rare Disease Foundation and BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

For inquiries please contact the Program Coordinator, Chloe Lim at: or the Chief Scientific Officer, Shirin Kalyan at For website submission difficulties,
please contact the Project Manager, Joeline Norgaard at